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Red Light Therapy – optimize your Cellular Health

                                               Advanced technology? Yes. Science fiction? Nope.   

Just like plants use sunlight to heal and grow, our body can harness specific wavelengths of light and turn them into cellular energy. This, in turn, stimulates your body’s natural healing processes.

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What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy delivers a therapeutic dose of red and near-infrared light in an efficient full-body treatment. When light is applied with the right wavelength, intensity, and duration, your body’s cells react by producing more energy. So instead of just having enough energy to get by, your cells get a boost that allows them to repair, replicate, and do their jobs. When all the different cells in your body all do their jobs well, you get broad health benefits such as:

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  • decreased pain and inflammation

  • faster recovery and minor soreness after exercise

  • faster recovery after injury

  • reduced-fat and cardiometabolic risk factors

  • many clients report better sleep, reduced stress, improved mood

Red Light Therapy Intended Uses:

  • improving muscle performance

  • restoration of joint motion

  • muscle relaxation and relief from spasms

  • relief of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis

  • increase circulation

  • adjunct to weight loss, combined with diet and exercise

Advanced Technology. Advanced Results.

Reveal your best self at Sundrop Healing

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